Aquasol is a leading, internationally recognized manufacturer of water soluble welding consumables and advanced pipe purging devices.

Made in the USA, Aquasol’s innovative and patented products are complemented by extensive technical support offered by our team of engineers and welding specialists.

Our client base consists of many well-known corporations including Chevron, British Petroleum, and Exxon Mobile.

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The Aquasol Corporation Packaging Division offers various water soluble paper solutions for packaging, labeling and in-process needs.

Our EPA and CE Approved eco- friendly products dissolve in cold or hot water, steam and most aqueous solutions.

Aquasol® paper can be formed into heat sealable pouches, be written on, digitally printed on, thermal tran sferred, photocopied and much more.

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The Aquasol Industrial Division formed from the development of innovative technology that serves multiple industries.

EZ Wipes Multi-Purpose Industrial Cleaning Wipes, initially created for pipe cleaning, can be used to decontaminate in any manufacturing setting. Learn more.